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Nurse Epiphany Johnson was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. She was the mother of the late Stan Johnson, who worked for Sonny Corinthos and the late Jason Morgan in their mob organization.

She was portrayed by actress Sonya Eddy since the character's debut on March 3, 2006. Originally it was a one-day role.

Epiphany was the head nurse at General Hospital from 2006 to 2015.

On December 20, 2022; it was revealed by Octavia Spencer that Eddy passed away on December 19, 2022 from an infection resulting from surgery. As a result of Eddy's passing, her final in-person appearance on the show was October 20, 2022 before being replaced by Avery Kristen Pohl as Esme Prince whose name also starts with the letter E before the character's presumed death in 2024, Haley Pullos as Molly Lansing-Davis before a recast, Nathanyael Grey as Mason Gatlin before the character's imprisonment and later replaced by Charles Mesure as Jack Brennan who is Mason's British-Australian counterpart, Mark Engelhardt as Roman Hume before the character's arrest, Charles Shaughnessy as Victor Cassadine before the character's death in 2023, Noelle Messier as Ramona George for one episode, Dan Buran as Linc Brown before the character's arrest, Alan Brooks as J.B. Brown, Darin Toonder as Dr. Damon Montague after Victor and Epiphany's deaths before the character's arrest, Kurt Yue as Judge Albert Kim for two episodes, Diahnna Nicole Baxter as Warden Ellen Garten before the character left town, and later Matthew Kimbrough as Judge Ron Jarrett for one episode.

On January 11, 2023; it was revealed there will be a tribute episode to Epiphany coming up in March 2023. The end of that day's episode had a brief montage dedicated to Sonya Eddy.

On February 15, 2023; it was confirmed that Eddy's tribute episode will officially air on Wednesday, March 29.

In the March 2023 issue of Soap Opera Digest it was confirmed by Frank Valentini that Epiphany's episode will revolve around her memorial service.


Epiphany Johnson first appears on General Hospital in 2006 as the new Head Nurse after Audrey Hardy steps down after the death of Tony Jones. Epiphany has mostly been a background character, although she was on contract for a short while, but more has been learned about her over the years. Non-nonsense nurse Epiphany Johnson is a force to be reckoned with. A full-figured woman who speaks her mind and doesn't mince words, Epiphany is quite intimidating. She is a dedicated nurse who doesn't tolerate anyone giving less than 110%. She will call out doctors and nurses alike, when she feels that they are being less than professional.

Others were surprised to learn that Stan Johnson who is a computer expert for Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan, is her son. Epiphany hates the idea of her son working for the mob, but can't convince him to leave. Her worst fear is realized in 2008 when she is talking on the phone to him one day while he is on business in Florida. Over the phone, Epiphany hears her son die in a mob hit ordered by Jerry Jacks who was under the orders of Franco Baldwin as they were involved in the Metro Court Hotel hostage crisis in revenge for Ryan Chamberlain a year earlier because the district attorney was none other than Sonny's maternal half brother Ric Lansing because Molly Lansing-Davis is an infant as Epiphany is also friends with Mayor Garrett Floyd who was interviewed by the press a year earlier in the aftermath because of Lorenzo Alcazar as Epiphany also knew the S.W.A.T. team. In February 2008, Epiphany suffered a serious heart attack and collapsed in the hospital locker room. She had just received her son's cremated ashes and was clutching them in her hands when they found her. Luckily, the doctors were able to save her life.

In October 2015, it is revealed that she has appeared under the orders of Paul Hornsby after the death of her friend Kyle Sloane making her living longer than Sloane himself because she worked with him as she approved of Kyle Sloane being commissioner of the Port Charles Police Department because she wanted to discredit Sonny after Michael Corinthos changed his name to Michael Quartermaine after Larry Ashton fled Port Charles nearly a year earlier. After she took Sonny's phone and threw it across the room, she was told to step down from her position as head nurse at General Hospital. Afterwards, Sonny was taken to safety and given a safe haven because his new nurse is Mary Wells who is the new head nurse at General Hospital.

Epiphany Johnson in civil court

Epiphany on the witness stand testifying on Morgan Corinthos' behalf in civil court

In early 2016, Epiphany is revealed to be unharmed along with Ric Lansing as well as Molly's boyfriend T.J. Ashford because of Landon Dixon holding everybody hostage at the All Saints Church in revenge for the late Kyle Sloane and the late Helena Cassadine to violate everybody's constitutional rights under the orders of Mayor Janice Lomax because she was not surprised along with Ric Lansing and Mayor Janice Lomax was outraged by crime as her involvement of violating everybody's constitutional rights was revealed a month later in March where her lawsuit was unsuccessful in a civil court trial and the citizens' lawsuit against her became successful and she was forced to pay the damages and later the will reading of Helena Cassadine which will remind everyone of their nightmares after Epiphany sided in with the citizens of Port Charles in the lawsuit since T.J. testified on Morgan's behalf as Morgan was unable to sue and testify against her as Epiphany is also with the American Civil Liberties Union.

In late 2016, her close friend Sabrina was killed by Paul Hornsby and she deeply mourned at the loss of her close friend and former colleague.

After the deaths of Epiphany Johnson, Victor Cassadine, and Jane Edwards; they were later replaced by new psychiatrist Dr. Damon Montague who Epiphany would never like if she were still around.

Crimes Committed[]

Health and Vitals[]

  • Taken hostage at gunpoint by Jason Morgan (it was staged) [Nov 2006]
  • Suffered a heart attack [Feb 12, 2008]
  • Died of heart complications [revealed on Mar 28, 2023; details revealed on Mar 29, 2023]

Family tree[]



  • Andy Archer - Former co-worker (deceased)
  • Franco Baldwin - Former enemy and former co-worker (deceased)
  • Cooper Barrett - (deceased)
  • Saira Batra - Former co-worker
  • Gerald Brodin - Captain of the S.W.A.T. team
  • Naomi Carson - Epiphany's new friend and former court judge
  • John Cates - FBI agent previously Jagger Cates
  • Brad Cooper - Former co-worker and former lab manager now working for the Wu mob family
  • Michael Corinthos - Epiphany Johnson's friend who sided with him to discredit Sonny Corinthos until Michael and Sonny reconciled as family
  • Morgan Corinthos - (deceased)
  • Patrick Drake - Former co-worker now living in Berkeley and later since replaced by his evil counterpart Valentin Cassadine
  • Felix DuBois - Former co-worker
  • Toussaint Dubois - Former co-worker
  • Pres Floyd - Former Mayor of Port Charles and Janice's predecessor
  • Russell Ford - Epiphany's friend and former General Hospital Chief of Staff (deceased)
  • Janet Hartwell - S.W.A.T. team
  • Jim Harvey - Epiphany's Niagara Equities counterpart (deceased)
  • Terri Hatcher
  • Paul Hornsby - Former District Attorney (imprisoned)
  • Emily Jenkins - S.W.A.T team
  • Georgie Jones - (deceased)
  • Maxie Jones
  • Stan Johnson - Epiphany's only son with Thomas (deceased)
  • Kyle Julian - Former co-worker
  • Leo Julian - Former co-worker
  • Ric Lansing - Former District Attorney, Sonny's maternal half brother/attorney, and Molly's father
  • Molly Lansing-Davis - Assistant District Attorney, Ric's only daughter, and Sonny's niece
  • Kelly Lee - Former co-worker
  • Janice Lomax - Former Mayor of Port Charles, Pres Floyd's successor, Ned Quartermaine's predecessor, and Valentin and Charlotte Cassadine's friend and supporter now receptionist at The Invader
  • Leyla Mir - Former co-worker (deceased)
  • Trey Mitchell - (deceased)
  • A.J. Quartermaine - Jason's brother (deceased)
  • Angelica Reyes - S.W.A.T team
  • Sabrina Santiago - Former co-worker (deceased)
  • Claire Simpson - Former co-worker
  • Kyle Sloane - Former Commissioner of the Port Charles Police Department who Epiphany sided in with him in the campaign to discredit Sonny Corinthos until his death at Pier 54 in order to avenge the late Peter Harrell, Jr. aka Levi Dunkleman and her late son Stan, also Larry Ashton's American counterpart (deceased)
  • James Smith - S.W.A.T team
  • Damian Spinelli - Private investigator
  • Regina Thompson - Former co-worker
  • Ellie Trout - Former co-worker
  • John Walsh
  • Rupert Watson - Epiphany's male counterpart formerly at Ferncliff
  • Jake Webber - Elizabeth's son with Jason
  • Nicholas Wells - S.W.A.T team
  • Lainey Winters - Former co-worker

  • Diego Alcazar - (deceased)
  • Lorenzo Alcazar - (deceased)
  • Sherri Anderson
  • Hank Archer - aka "Shiloh" who bore a striking resemblance to the late Nathan West (deceased)
  • Joey Bruzetta - (deceased)
  • Helena Cassadine - The late Stavros and Valentin Cassadine's mother; Nikolas, Donald, and Charlotte's paternal grandmother, Ava's ex-grandmother-in-law, Spencer and Ace's great-grandmother, and Avery's ex-step great-grandmother (deceased)
  • Stavros Cassadine - The late Helena Cassadine's son with the late Mikkos, Nikolas' father, Ava's ex-father-in-law, Spencer and Ace's paternal grandfather, and Avery's ex-step grandfather (deceased)
  • Valentin Cassadine - The late Helena Cassadine's son with the late Victor, Donald and Charlotte's father, Nikolas' uncle, Janice Lomax's friend and supporter, and her former co-worker Patrick Drake's evil counterpart now owner of The Invader and leader of Pikeman Security Group
  • Victor Cassadine - Valentin Cassadine's late father, Donald and Charlotte's paternal grandfather, Nikolas' great uncle, Ava's ex-great uncle-in-law, Spencer and Ace's great-great uncle, and Avery's ex-step great-great uncle (deceased)
  • Ryan Chamberlain - The late Stephen Clay's uncle-in-law (deceased)
  • Stephen Clay - aka Caleb Morley, the late Cesar Faison's American counterpart, and the late Ryan Chamberlain's nephew-in-law (deceased)
  • Sonny Corinthos - During her time at the Greystone Manor until she was stopped by Mary Wells and Ric Lansing and was forced to step down
  • Landon Dixon - The late Helena Cassadine's male counterpart who left Epiphany unharmed along with T.J. Ashford and the late Carlos Rivera's friend before Carlos' death after Landon's capture (captured)
  • Cesar Faison - (deceased)
  • Sonny Faison - The late Cesar Faison's son with an unknown woman now the last known living and sole surviving child of the late Cesar Faison
  • Darryl Hayes - (deceased)
  • Charlie Heineck - Jerry Jacks and Paul Hornsby's former accomplice (deceased)
  • Jerry Jacks
  • Thomas Johnson - Epiphany's ex-husband, the late Stan Johnson's father, and the late Cassandra Pierce's henchman (imprisoned)
  • Raj Patel - The late Stavros Cassadine's younger counterpart (deceased)
  • Frank Rausch
  • Jeffrey Scribner - (deceased)
  • Joe Smith
  • Anthony Zacchara - (deceased)

Positions held at General Hospital[]

Predecessor Head Nurse Successor
Audrey Hardy
Epiphany Johnson
Mary Wells